Irish Second–Level Students' Union - Structure


Monitoring and Advisory Committee (MAC) – The MAC acts as the backbone of the organisation. This committee oversees the work of ISSU, provides guidance to the National Student Executive, and provides advice on the finances of the organisation. This Committee is composed of representatives from Ireland's leading education & youth Organisations, past ISSU officers and is chaired by the ISSU General Secretary.

National Student Executive (NSE) – The National Student Executive (NSE) look after the day-to-day running of the organisation. Led by the ISSU President, the NSE comprises various officers elected at the ISSU AGM to look after various aspects of Student Life - Deputy President (Campaigns and Communications), Education, Welfare, Equality, Oifigeach na Gaeilge, International Officer, Student Council Support Officer, Secretary, Public Relations Officer.

National Council – The National Council provides a link from the National Student Executive to the ground-roots level of the organisation, linking students via their Regional Council of Schools officer to the ISSU National Council and National Student Executive. Each region elects an ISSU Regional Council of Schools Officer. The National Council is chaired by the ISSU Student Council Support Officer who also sits on the ISSU National Student Executive and acts as the link between the two. There are 5 ISSU regional council regions - Munster Area, Leinster Area, Connaught Area, Ulster area and the greater Dublin Area.

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