Irina Belotelkin - Memorable Anecdotes

Memorable Anecdotes

  • When Dior saw one of her coat designs, he asked her, slyly, if she would 'forget' her coat for a few hours.
  • When her work was displayed in a downtown San Francisco department store display window, the caption was Dior or Roublon? The display had works by both designers. Customers overwhelmingly selected her designs over his.

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    How the imagination is piqued by anecdotes of some great man passing incognito, as a king in gray clothes.
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    The momentary charge at Balaklava, in obedience to a blundering command, proving what a perfect machine the soldier is, has, properly enough, been celebrated by a poet laureate; but the steady, and for the most part successful, charge of this man, for some years, against the legions of Slavery, in obedience to an infinitely higher command, is as much more memorable than that as an intelligent and conscientious man is superior to a machine. Do you think that that will go unsung?
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