Iraqi Resistance

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Anti-Imperialist Camp - History
... refusal to take the side of various popular resistance movements in the world especially, the Camp has expressed support for resistance movements in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq ... Especially controversial has been the Camp's position "in favour of the Iraqi resistance", covering both secular and religious movements opposed to the US ... Support for the Iraqi resistance has led to threats of legal action against the Camp, both in Italy and the U.S ...
Jaish Al-Rashideen
... The Jaish al-Rashideen group is a Sunni Iraqi insurgent group resisting against the American occupation of Iraq, taking part in many guerrilla attacks against coalition forces ... Established at the first day of the occupation, and began to collect weapons from the former Iraqi Army military camps the suburbs of Baghdad, the Army ... Al-Rashedeen army had special media attendance among other Iraqi resistance groups, they are identified by their unique message delivery and they explain the media block strategy that ...

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    It was not seen that woman’s place was in the home until she began to go out of it; the statement was a reply to an unspoken challenge, it was attempted resistance to irresistible change.
    Rose Wilder Lane (1886–1965)

    I will cut the head off my baby and swallow it if it will make Bush lose.
    Zainab Ismael, Iraqi housewife. As quoted in Newsweek magazine, p. 31 (November 16, 1992)