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... One of the oldest Iraqi communities in the United States follow Judaism ... Jewish residents from Iraq began to emigrate to the American Continent at the turn of the twentieth century ... The first known Iraqi Jewish immigrants to the United States arrived between the years 1900 - 1905 ...

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    Dr. Craigle: A good man, completely reliable. Not given to overcharging and stringing visits out, the way some do.
    Phil Green: Do you mean the way some doctors do or do you mean the way some Jewish doctors do?
    Dr. Craigle: I suppose you’re right. I suppose some of us do it, too. Not just the Chosen People.
    Moss Hart (1904–1961)

    I will cut the head off my baby and swallow it if it will make Bush lose.
    Zainab Ismael, Iraqi housewife. As quoted in Newsweek magazine, p. 31 (November 16, 1992)