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Persian Phonology - Vowels
... Diachronically, Persian possessed a distinction of length in its underlying vowel inventory, contrasting the long vowels /iː/, /uː/, /ɒː/ with the short vowels /e/, /o/, /æ/ respectively ... ), loanwords, and proper and common nouns of foreign origin, and word-final /æ/ is very rare in Iranian Persian, except for /næ/ ('no') ... The word-final /æ/ in Early New Persian mostly shifted to /e/ in contemporary Iranian Persian (often romanized as "eh", meaning is also an allophone of /æ/ in word-final position in contemporary ...
Dari (Persian Dialect) - Differences Between Iranian and Afghan Persian - Dialect Continuum
... example in Kabul, Mazar, and Badakhshan, have distinct features compared to Iranian Persian ... the dialect of Dari spoken in Western Afghanistan stands in between the Afghan and Iranian Persian ... Herati dialect shares vocabulary and phonology with both Dari and Iranian Persian ...

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    Oh! thou clear spirit of clear fire, whom on these seas I as Persian once did worship, till in the sacramental act so burned by thee, that to this hour I bear the scar; I now know thee, thou clear spirit, and I now know that thy right worship is defiance. To neither love nor reverence wilt thou be kind; and e’en for hate thou canst but kill; and all are killed. No fearless fool now fronts thee.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)