Inverse Square Root

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Fast Inverse Square Root - Overview of The Code - The "magic Number"
... prompted much of the original speculation surrounding the fast inverse square root function ... might have originally determined that constant as a mechanism to approximate the inverse square root, Charles McEniry first determined how the choice of any ... The binary logarithm is the inverse function of and makes the multiplied terms in the floating point numbers x and y reduce to addition ...
Fast Inverse Square Root
... Fast inverse square root (sometimes referred to as Fast InvSqrt or by the hexadecimal constant 0x5f3759df) is a method of calculating x−½, the reciprocal (or multiplicative ... Inverse square roots are used to compute angles of incidence and reflection for lighting and shading in computer graphics ... This is the first approximation of the inverse square root of the input ...
Fast Inverse Square Root - Overview of The Code
... The following code is the fast inverse square root implementation from Quake III Arena, stripped of C preprocessor directives, but including the exact original ... The advantages in speed offered by the fast inverse square root kludge came from treating the longword containing the floating point number as an integer then subtracting it from a specific ... which when treated as a floating point number is a rough approximation for the inverse square root of the input number ...
Rhombicuboctahedron - Geometric Relations
... prism with regular faces and two additional polyhedra called square cupolae, which count among the Johnson solids it is thus an elongated square orthobicupola ... These pieces can be reassembled to give a new solid called the elongated square gyrobicupola or pseudorhombicuboctahedron, with the symmetry of a square antiprism ... with one triangle and three squares meeting at each, but are not all identical with respect to the entire polyhedron, since some are closer to the symmetry axis than others Rhombicuboctahedron ...
Square - Graphs
... The K4 complete graph is often drawn as a square with all 6 edges connected ... This graph also represents an orthographic projection of the 4 vertices and 6 edges of the regular 3-simplex (tetrahedron) ...

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