Interspecies Communication

Interspecies communication is communication between different species of animals, plants, fungi or bacteria. Interspecies communication research in the sciences and the arts has produced results, giving hope that we may someday be able to communicate with certain animals on an advanced level.

Works such as Augmented Fish Reality 2004 by Ken Rinaldo is one example of an emerging art genre as fish were able to affect their environment in communicating with each other, their robots and humans in the space. Eduardo Kac also a bio-artist created a work titled Essay Concerning Human Understanding, which was a bi-directional, interspecies sonic installation in which he set up a two-way dialogue between a Philodendron plant and bird.

Recent research with Kanzi a bonobo at the University of Georgia represents a successful experiment where (1) the bonobo learned symbols and is successfully communicating with its trainers Jared Taglialatela, Sue Savage-Rumbaugh and Lauren Baker. Their work is contributing to a now larger series of research studies that language is an evolutionary trait that evolved in our non-human primates.

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