Interrogation Room

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Qincheng Prison - Interrogation
... Prisoners are notified by a warden before the interrogation, and the warden would let the prisoner out of his or her cell, and lead the prisoner to the interrogation room ... After the prisoner is seated in the interrogation room, the warden would withdraw and wait outside ... the experience of former prisoners, there are two type of interrogation rooms ...
See What I Wanna See - Plot Synopsis
... a woman like her?" The Wife enters the interrogation room to explain her version of the story ("The Wife's Statement") ... Back in the interrogation room, the Janitor recalls an adage that "only the dead tell the truth." A Medium arrives and explains that the spirit of the Husband entered her ... The Janitor is still in the interrogation room, exhausted ...
Fin Tutuola - Character Evolution
... prone to and/or instigated violence in the interrogation room due to an insult addressed to him ... Alexandra Cabot that "Fin won't take the bait" during an interrogation in which the suspect refers to Fin as a "coon." Instead, Tutuola just says calmly, "Is that ... The interrogation isn't shown, however, and nothing is said of the matter afterward ...

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