Internet in China

Internet In China

The first connection of the mainland of the People's Republic of China with the Internet was established on 20 September 1987 between ICA Beijing and Karlsruhe University in Germany, under the leadership of Prof. Werner Zorn and Prof. Wang Yunfeng. Since then the Internet in China has grown to host the largest base of net users in the world. The first email attempt was successfully sent out on 14 September 1987 with the contents "Across the Great Wall, we can reach every corner in the world" (S: 越过长城,走向世界, T: 越過長城,走向世界, P: Yuè​guò Cháng​chéng, Zǒu​xiàng Shì​jiè). In the past decade, the Internet has emerged as a new cultural phenomenon in mainland China, much like in the West.

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