Internet Censorship in Ireland - Graduated Response

Graduated Response

A graduated response policy is currently being encouraged by the Irish Recorded Music Association who are urging ISPs in Ireland to send warning letters and blocking content which it believes is damaging the music industry. According to a report published by solicitors McCann Fitzgerald this is the first implementation in Europe of the three strikes system that record companies are lobbying to bring on throughout:

  1. Once notified of the IP addresses, Eircom will first inform the broadband subscriber that their IP address has been used in connection with illegal activities. At this stage, subscribers who claim they are the victim of “wi-fi hijacking” (where someone else uses their wi-fi network to access the Internet) will have the opportunity to clarify their situation and upgrade the security of their connection if required.
  2. If a subscriber is then found to still be infringing, they will be warned that failure to cease infringing activities will result in their being disconnected by Eircom.
  3. Continued failure to comply and cease infringing activity will result in the subscriber being disconnected.

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