International Trade - Top Traded Commodities (exports)

Top Traded Commodities (exports)

Rank Commodity Value in US$('000) Date of
1 Mineral fuels, oils, distillation products, etc. $2,183,079,941 2010
2 Electrical, electronic equipment $1,833,534,414 2010
3 Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers, etc. $1,763,371,813 2010
4 Vehicles other than railway, tramway $1,076,830,856 2010
5 Plastics and articles thereof $470,226,676 2010
6 Optical, photo, technical, medical, etc. apparatus $465,101,524 2010
7 Pharmaceutical products $443,596,577 2010
8 Iron and steel $379,113,147 2010
9 Organic chemicals $377,462,088 2010
10 Pearls, precious stones, metals, coins, etc. $348,155,369 2010

Source: International Trade Centre

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