International Reaction To The Assassination of Benazir Bhutto

International Reaction To The Assassination Of Benazir Bhutto

The international reaction to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto consisted of universal condemnation across the international community, including Pakistan's regional neighbors Afghanistan, China, India, Bangladesh, and Iran. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh praised Bhutto's efforts for the improvement of India-Pakistan relations. The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting and unanimously condemned the assassination, a call echoed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Both European Union President José Manuel Barroso and U.S. President George W. Bush also expressed the hope that Pakistan will continue on the path of democracy.

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International Reaction To The Assassination Of Benazir Bhutto - Non-governmental Organizations
... We don't strike women." Amnesty International – Asian Program Director Catherine Baber said "It is shocking to see someone’s life cut short in such a ... They violate international law and the rules of democratic behavior ... enormous pressure to go after the culprits and keep the country calm and stable, but Amnesty International calls on President Musharraf – and on the security forces – to exercise restraint ...

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    I’m not into smoke-filled rooms. I don’t have the time for byzantine political intrigues.
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    The people who resent me do so because I’m a woman, I’m young, and I’m a Bhutto. Well, the simple answer is, it doesn’t matter that I’m a woman, it doesn’t matter that I’m young, and it’s a matter of pride that I’m a Bhutto.
    —Benazir Bhutto (b. 1953)

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