Internal Troops (Russia)

Internal Troops (Russia)

Internal Troops, full name Internal Troops of the Ministry for Internal Affairs (MVD) (Russian: Внутренние войска Министерства внутренних дел, Vnutrenniye Voiska Ministerstva Vnutrennikh Del; abbreviated ВВ, VV) is a paramilitary national guard like force in Russia. Internal Troops are subordinated to MVD. They are used to support and reinforce the Russian Police, deal with large-scale riots, internal armed conflicts and safeguarding of highly-important facilities (like nuclear power plants). As such, the force is involved in all conflicts and violent disturbances in the history of Soviet Union and modern Russia, including Stalin's mass deportations, imprisonments and executions and First and Second Chechen Wars.

During wartime, the Internal Troops fall under Armed Forces military command and fulfill the missions of local defence and rear area security.

Strength has also fluctuated and was about 350,000 at its height. Currently at 200,000 it consists of both conscripts and volunteers. Its officers graduated from at least four schools. Rumors abound of an officer shortage since 1998.

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