Internal Communications

Internal communications (IC) is the function responsible for effective communication or trade among participants within an organization, including states.

Modern understanding of internal communications is a field of its own and draws on the theory and practice of related professions, not least journalism, knowledge management, public relations (e.g., media relations), marketing and human resources, as well as wider organizational studies, communication theory, social psychology, sociology and political science.

In states poor internal communications can have adverse effects on catastrophe relief, war outcome or establishing its authority in a certain sector, contributing in this cases to a failed state status.

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Famous quotes containing the word internal:

    We have our difficulties, true; but we are a wiser and a tougher nation than we were in 1932. Never have there been six years of such far flung internal preparedness in all of history. And this has been done without any dictator’s power to command, without conscription of labor or confiscation of capital, without concentration camps and without a scratch on freedom of speech, freedom of the press or the rest of the Bill of Rights.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)