Interlaced Scanning

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Raster Scan - Theory and History - Interlaced Scanning
... on the first vertical scan then, the even-numbered lines follow, placed ("interlaced") between the odd-numbered lines ... This is called interlaced scanning ... like progressive scan in computer monitors (such as "1080p", 1080 lines, progressive), or interlaced (such as "1080i") ...
High-definition Video - Technical Details
... The scanning system progressive scanning (p) or interlaced scanning (i) ... Progressive scanning (p) redraws an image frame (all of its lines) when refreshing each image, for example 720p/1080p ... Interlaced scanning (i) draws the image field every other line or "odd numbered" lines during the first image refresh operation, and then draws the remaining "even numbered" lines during a second refreshing ...

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