Interim General Manager

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33rd Infantry Division (Wehrmacht) - Commanders
... von Speck April 29, 1940 Generalleutnant Rudolf Sintzenich November 1, 1940 General Friedrich Kühn March 22, 1941 Generalleutnant Heinrich von ...
Janet Reno - Attorney General
... Reno was nominated and confirmed as the first woman to serve as the United States Attorney General ... Reno remained Attorney General for the rest of Clinton's presidency, making her the longest-serving Attorney General since William Wirt in 1829 ...
Janet Reno
... Janet Wood Reno (born July 21, 1938), served as the Attorney General of the United States, from 1993 to 2001 ... She was the first woman to serve as Attorney General and the second longest serving Attorney General after William Wirt ...
Professional Wrestling Authority Figures - WWE Authority Figures - Raw Authorities - General Managers
... Foley (December 1, 2003 - December 15, 2003) 2 Vince McMahon - Interim General Manager (December 12, 2005 - June 11, 2007) Jonathan Coachman - Executive Assistant (May 29, 2006 - June 11, 2007) Jonathan. 2 Austin and Foley served as Co-General Managers with Bischoff during their respective tenures in 2003 ... On February 23, 2009, the Board of Directors named Vickie Guerrero Interim General Manager when Stephanie McMahon took a leave of absence ...
Jonathan Coachman - World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (1999–2008) - Raw
... After this he would have an on-screen role as the "lackey" to then General Manager of Raw, Eric Bischoff ... to aid McMahon in the daily running of the Raw brand, and actually acted as the General Manager when the McMahons were absent ... On June 18, 2007, Coachman was officially named Interim General Manager of Raw by the McMahon Family following the kayfabe death of Vince McMahon in a limo explosion ...

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    Nothing could his enemies do but it rebounded to his infinite advantage,—that is, to the advantage of his cause.... No theatrical manager could have arranged things so wisely to give effect to his behavior and words. And who, think you, was the manager? Who placed the slave-woman and her child, whom he stooped to kiss for a symbol, between his prison and the gallows?
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    If I be left behind,
    A moth of peace, and he go to the war,
    The rites for which I love him are bereft me,
    And I a heavy interim shall support
    By his dear absence. Let me go with him.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    We raised a simple prayer
    Before we left the spot,
    That in the general mowing
    That place might be forgot;
    Or if not all so favored,
    Obtain such grace of hours
    That none should mow the grass there
    While so confused with flowers.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)