Interchange Formats

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IEEE Floating Point - Formats - Interchange Formats
... Interchange formats are intended for the exchange of floating-point data using a fixed-length bit-string for a given format ... For the exchange of binary floating-point numbers, interchange formats of length 16 bits, 32 bits, 64 bits, and any multiple of 32 bits ≥128 are ... The 16-bit format is intended for the exchange or storage of small numbers (e.g ...
IEEE 754 Revision - Summary of The Revisions - Clause 3: Formats
... The description of formats has been made more regular, with a distinction between arithmetic formats (in which arithmetic may be carried out) and interchange formats (which have a ... The specification levels of a floating-point format have been enumerated, to clarify the distinction between the theoretical real numbers (an extended number line) the entities which can be ... The particular sets known as basic formats are defined, and the encodings used for interchange of binary and decimal formats are explained ...

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