INTERCAL is an esoteric programming language that was created as a parody by Don Woods and James M. Lyon, two Princeton University students, in 1972. It satirizes aspects of the various programming languages at the time, as well as the proliferation of proposed language constructs and notations in the 1960s.

There are two currently maintained versions of INTERCAL: C-INTERCAL, formerly maintained by Eric S. Raymond, and CLC-INTERCAL, maintained by Claudio Calvelli.

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Esoteric Programming Language - History
... The earliest, and still the canonical example of an esoteric language was INTERCAL, designed in 1972 by Don Woods and James M ... Early implementations of INTERCAL were tied to the IBM System/360 and an unidentified Atari computer (probably the Atari 2600) and have not survived ... For many years INTERCAL was represented only by paper copies of the INTERCAL manual ...
INTERCAL - Impact and Discussion
... In the article "A Box, Darkly Obfuscation, Weird Languages, and Code Aesthetics", INTERCAL is described under the heading "Abandon all sanity, ye who enter here INTERCAL" ...