Intelligibility (communication) - Noise Levels

Noise Levels

For satiable communication, the average speech level should exceed that of an interfering noise by 6dB; lower sound:noise ratios are rarely acceptable (Moore, 1997). Manifesting in a wide frequency range, speech is quite resistant to many types of masking frequency cut-off—Moore reports, for example, that a band of frequencies from 1000 Hz to 2000 Hz is sufficient (sentence articulation score of about 90%).

Quantity to be measured Unit of measurement Good values
STI Intelligibility (international known) > 0.6
CIS Intelligibility (international known) > 0.78
%Alcons Articulation loss (popular in USA) < 10%
C50 Clarity index (widespread in Germany) > 3 dB
RASTI (obsolete) Intelligibility (international known) > 0.6

Word articulation remains high even when only 1–2% of the wave is unaffected by distortion:

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