Institute For Quantitative Social Science - Centers At IQSS

Centers At IQSS

IQSS serves as the administrative department for several FAS/University-wide centers. These centers are designated by the University as specific resources that provide technology support and data services to faculty, students, and staff. Each center at IQSS stands as an independent intellectual community, composed of faculty members, researchers, field specialists, and a unique steering committee to provide strategic guidance and help set overall direction.

  • Harvard-MIT Data Center - HMDC manages technology platforms for IQSS on informatics and data sharing, statistical computing, and information technology.
  • Center for Geographic Analysis - As a designated university-wide technology platform, CGA catalogues and distributes geospatial data and provides training and consultation for researchers utilizing spatial analysis.
  • Henry A. Murray Research Archive - The Henry A. Murray Research Archive is the permanent repository for quantitative and qualitative research data at IQSS, and provides physical storage for the IQSS Dataverse Network repository.

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