Inspector of Fighters

Inspector of Fighters (German language: Inspekteur der Jagdflieger redesignated to General der Jagdflieger (General of Fighters)) was not a rank but a leading position within the High Command of the German Luftwaffe in Nazi Germany. The inspector was responsible for the readiness, training and tactics of the fighter force. It was not an operational command.

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Famous quotes containing the words fighters and/or inspector:

    O can’t you see, brother—
    Death’s a congested road for fighters now,
    and hero a cheap label.
    C.D. Andrews (1913–1992)

    Chief Inspector Dreyfus: What about the maid?
    Inspector Clouseau: The maid?
    Chief Inspector Dreyfus: Was he jealous of her, too? He strangled her.
    Inspector Clouseau: It’s possible that his intended victim was a man and he made a mistake.
    Chief Inspector Dreyfus: A mistake? In a nudist camp?
    Inspector Clouseau: Nobody’s perfect.
    Blake Edwards (b. 1922)