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List Of Monster Episodes - Episode List
... In a subplot, Inspector Egon Weisbach tries to get the anmesiac Anna Liebert to remember her name and her brother ... Tenma is approached by Inspector Egon Weisbach and Inspector Heinrich Lunge of the BKA ... Inspector Lunge questions Dr ...
Monster (manga) - Characters - Main Characters
... this "monster" he feels responsible for creating (while evading Inspector Heinrich Lunge, who suspects Tenma of the murders) ... Inspector Heinrich Lunge Voiced by Tsutomu Isobe (Japanese), Richard Epcar (English) First seen in chapter five, Inspector Lunge is a BKA detective assigned to the murder case at the hospital ... Like Javert in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, Inspector Lunge is obsessed with Tenma ...
Monster (manga) - Characters - Other Characters
... Becker and Tenma are approached by Inspectors Weisbach and Lunge, who are searching for clues ... Ryuji Nakagi (Japanese), David Lodge (English) Egon Weisbach is a police inspector who is the first person to investigate the Lieberts' murder ... After Heinemann's funeral, he and Inspector Lunge approach Tenma for clues ...

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    What do you think of us in fuzzy endeavor, you whose directions are sterling, whose lunge is straight?
    Can you make a reason, how can you pardon us who memorize the rules and never score?
    Gwendolyn Brooks (b. 1917)

    Inspector Clouseau: How can a blind man be a lookout?
    Chief Inspector Dreyfus: How can an idiot be a policeman? Answer me that!
    Inspector Clouseau: It’s very simple. All he has to do is enlist.
    Blake Edwards (b. 1922)