Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit - Technical Summary - Implementation Philosophy

Implementation Philosophy

The following are key features of the toolkit implementation philosophy.

  • The toolkit is implemented using generic programming principles. Such heavily templated C++ code challenges many compilers; hence development was carried out with the latest versions of the MSVC, Sun, gcc, Intel, and SGI compilers.
  • The toolkit is cross-platform (Unix, Windows and Mac OS X).
  • The toolkit supports multiple language bindings, including such languages as Tcl, Python, and Java. These bindings are generated automatically using an auto-wrap process. CableSwig is the tool which is used for this purpose.
  • The memory model depends on "smart pointers" that maintain a reference count to objects. Smart pointers can be allocated on the stack, and when scope is exited, the smart pointers disappear and decrement their reference count to the object that they refer to.

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