Ing River

The Ing River (Thai: แม่น้ำอิง, RTGS: Maenam Ing, ) is a tributary of the Mekong River in the northern part of Thailand. It has its source in Doi Luang, Phi Pan Nam Range, in Mae Chai District, Phayao Province. The Ing flows through the plain area of Thoeng District.

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Ing River - Course
... The Ing is about 300 km long and its flow varies seasonally due to the tropical forest climate in the region ... Flood waters inundate the river basin during the rainy season, spurring migratory fish to enter the Ing from the larger Mekong for the purpose of spawning there ... forest near its banks allow for ample spawning grounds for a wide variety of river-running fish ...
Phayao Lake
... The lake is fed by the Ing River, which empties to the north, and to a lesser degree by the Tam River, which empties into the south of the lake ... At the east the lake empties into the Ing River, which then flows to the Mekong ... To the south and west of the lakes are rice paddies, at the mouth of the Ing River is marsh area ...

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