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Since September 30, 2008, the Information Security Oversight Office has issued ISOO Notices to disseminate and provide consistent guidance to Federal Agencies, in an effort to improve their classified national security information programs. Each ISOO Notice focuses on a single topic related to classification, safeguarding, or declassification.

As of September 30, 2010, due to the issuance of Executive Order 13526 and the revision to 32 CFR Part 2001, many of the original notices have been revised, canceled, or superseded. The notices listed reflect these changes.

ISOO Notice 2012-03: Additional Guidance on Supplemental Controls Required for Safeguarding Classified National Security Information
ISOO Notice 2012-02: Classification Marking Instructions on the Use of “50X1-HUM” vs “25X1-human” as a Declassification Instruction
ISOO Notice 2012-01: Requirements for Derivative Classifier Training
ISOO Notice 2011-02: Further Guidance and Clarification on Commingling Atomic Energy Information and Classified National Security Information
ISOO Notice 2011-01: Review and Approval of Exemptions to Automatic Declassification Pursuant to Sections 3.3(b) and 3.3(h) of Executive Order 13526
ISOO Notice 2010-02: Agencies Eligible/Ineligible to Receive Referrals
ISOO Notice 2010-01: Status Update of ISOO Notices
ISOO Notice 2009-16: Prohibited Use of Electronic Signatures on the Standard Form 312, "Classified Information Non-disclosure Agreement"
ISOO Notice 2009-07: ISOO Notice 2009-07: Mandatory Declassification Review – Inappropriate Citation of Section 6.2(c) of E.O. 12958, as amended
ISOO Notice 2009-06: "Handling NATO Information Identified during Automatic Declassification Processing"
ISOO Notice 2009-04: “Best Practices” for Declassification Review Record Keeping
ISOO Notice 2009-03: Notification, Coordination, and Documentation Related to Subsequent Reviews Conducted by Primary Reviewing Agencies ]
ISOO Notice 2009-02: Initial Instructions on the Use of the SF 715, "Declassification Review Tab"
ISOO Notice 2009-01: Use of the Standard Form 715, "Declassification Review Tab"
ISOO Announcement Memo: September 30,2008
ISOO Notice 2009-15: Further Definition of "Comparable Media" as it Relates to Delays in the Onset of Automatic Declassification
ISOO Notice 2009-14: Corrections to Citations in 32 C.F.R. Part 2001 Referencing Open Storage Areas
ISOO Notice 2009-13: Prohibited Use of X1-X8 Markings
ISOO Notice 2009-12: Prohibited Use of the Marking “Originating Agency’s Determination Required” (OADR)
ISOO Notice 2009-11: Prohibited Use of Markings "MR" (Manual Review) and "Source Marked MR, date of source"]
ISOO Notice 2009-10: Security Violation Reporting to ISOO
ISOO Notice 2009-09: Derivative Classification – Identification of Multiple Sources
ISOO Notice 2009-08: Utilization of Classified Addenda
ISOO Notice 2009-05: Agencies Ineligible to Receive Referrals Identified by Primary Reviewing Agencies Amongst Records Subject to Automatic Declassification on December 31st of 2006, 2007, and 2008

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