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Competitive Intelligence - Principles
... competitors are doing and how the industry is changing, and the information gathered allows organizations to understand their strengths and weaknesses ... The actual importance of these categories of information to an organization depends on the contestability of its markets, the organizational culture, and personality and biases of its top decision makers ... Tactical Intelligence the focus is on providing information designed to improve shorter-term decisions, most often related with the intent of growing market share ...
Patriot Debates - Title II - Section 203
... She believes that While effective counterterrorism requires that agencies share relevant information, congressional efforts have uniformly failed to address the real ... – can be counted on to obscure and make more difficult the real challenge of information sharing ... She believes that there was no existing "wall" that separated information sharing between agencies, and believes that the problem with information sharing was that the FBI didn't know the information that was ...
RNA-Seq - Analysis - Some Considerations
... The information gathered when sequencing a sample's transcriptome in this way has many of the same limitations as other RNA expression analysis pipelines ... Mainly, the information gathered is Because of this, care must be taken when drawing conclusions from the sequencing experiment, as some of the information gathered might not be representative of the ...
Link Layer Discovery Protocol - Information Gathered
... Information gathered with LLDP is stored in the device as a management information database (MIB) and can be queried with the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) as specified in RFC 2922 ... Information that may be retrieved include System name and description Port name and description VLAN name IP management address System capabilities (switching, routing, etc.) MAC/PHY information MDI power Link ...

Famous quotes containing the words gathered and/or information:

    He leaves a white
    Unbroken glory, a gathered radiance,
    A width, a shining peace, under the night.
    Rupert Brooke (1887–1915)

    I have all my life been on my guard against the information conveyed by the sense of hearing—it being one of my earliest observations, the universal inclination of humankind is to be led by the ears, and I am sometimes apt to imagine that they are given to men as they are to pitchers, purposely that they may be carried about by them.
    Mary Wortley, Lady Montagu (1689–1762)