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Hades goddess Gorgon (冥府神ゴーゴン, Meifushin Gōgon?, 35-40) was the slyest of the gods. Gorgon used a mirror-shield, akin to the aegis of Athena, as her weapon and can turn herself into either a nāga or a giant snake to devour her enemies. She became the third to challenge the Magirangers after conning Toad into fighting the Magi Rangers, knowing it was her turn to fight after Cyclops after getting a brief glimpse of the Book of Prophecy relating to herself, intimidating Toad to in hopes that his actions on the surface would ensure that she won't have any trouble. When her turn begins, Gorgon scatters uses her shield to conjure forth snakes and scatter them so that when there's enough of them, they would bite everyone with Gorgon using her shield to turn the bitten to stone. After displaying her plan by petrifing Smoky, she forces Urara, Makito, Tsubasa, and Hikaru to fight her in her Marudeyouna world, "Gorgon's Garden", where she devoured them. She then went to the surface world to get the powerless Kai and Houka, both of whom, at the time, were trapped in the body of one another and unable to assume their Magiranger forms thanks to Toad's poison, but Sphinx cured the two, stating that it is consider to be a sabotage should one god interfere with another god's Divine Punishment in any way. Gorgon's plans began to fall apart as Kai and Houka freed their captured siblings and Hikaru from her stomach with a new spell. Gorgon grew large to trigger her Divine Punishment only for Travelion to incinerate her shield, dispelling all of the snakes she conjured before she is killed by Magi Legend, restoring Smoky back to his mobile self. As Gorgon died, she reveals that the next to carry out the Divine Punishment, Drake would avenge her.

Gorgon is voiced by Atsuko Tanaka (田中 敦子, Tanaka Atsuko?).

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