Inferior Mirage

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Inferior Mirage - Highway Mirage
... A highway mirage is an inferior mirage which can be seen very commonly on roadways by day or by night ... This hot-road mirage is usually most noticeable on hot sunny days ...
Mirage Of Astronomical Objects - Inferior Mirage of Astronomical Objects
... Inferior mirage of astronomical objects is the most common mirage ... Inferior mirage occurs when the surface of the Earth or the oceans produces a layer of hot air of lower density, just at the surface ... are two images, the inverted one and the erect one, in inferior mirage.They both are displaced from the geometric direction to the actual object ...

Famous quotes containing the words mirage and/or inferior:

    ... the idea of a classless society is ... a disastrous mirage which cannot be maintained without tyranny of the few over the many. It is even more pernicious culturally than politically, not because the monolithic state forces the party line upon its intellectuals and artists, but because it has no social patterns to reflect.
    Agnes E. Meyer (1887–1970)

    During the long ages of class rule, which are just beginning to cease, only one form of sovereignty has been assigned to all men—that, namely, over all women. Upon these feeble and inferior companions all men were permitted to avenge the indignities they suffered from so many men to whom they were forced to submit.
    Mary Putnam Jacobi (1842–1906)