Inferior Meatus

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Nasal Surface Of The Body Of The Maxilla
... Below the aperture is a smooth concavity which forms part of the inferior meatus of the nasal cavity, and behind it is a rough surface for articulation with the perpendicular ... which is converted into the nasolacrimal canal, by the lacrimal bone and inferior nasal concha this canal opens into the inferior meatus of the nose and transmits the nasolacrimal duct ... More anteriorly is an oblique ridge, the conchal crest, for articulation with the inferior nasal concha ...
Cruciform Eminence
... The inferior two are quadrilateral and accommodate the hemispheres of the cerebellum ... The superior and inferior fossae are separated by a transverse groove ... antrum (Aditus) Petrous part Carotid canal Facial canal (Hiatus) Internal auditory meatus Cochlear aqueduct Stylomastoid foramen fossae Subarcuate fossa Jugular fossa ...

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