Inferior Glenoid

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List Of Muscles Of The Human Body/version 2 - Muscles of Upper Limbs - Vertebral Column
... about pain in this muscle Descending (superior) part elevates ascending (inferior) part depresses and middle part (or all parts together) retracts scapula descending and ascending parts act together to rotate ... processes of the T2 to T5 vertebrae medial border of the scapula, inferior to the insertion of rhomboid minor muscle dorsal scapular artery dorsal scapular nerve (C4 and C5 ... artery dorsal scapular nerve (C4 and C5) Retracts the scapula and rotates it to depress the glenoid cavity ...
Bankart Lesion
... A Bankart lesion is an injury of the anterior (inferior) glenoid labrum of the shoulder due to repeated (anterior) shoulder dislocation ... When this happens, a pocket at the front of the glenoid forms that allows the humeral head to dislocate into it ... A bony bankart is a Bankart lesion that includes a fracture in of the anterior-inferior glenoid cavity of the scapula bone ...

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