Inferior Frontal Gyrus

The inferior frontal gyrus is a gyrus of the frontal lobe (the yellow area of the human brain image to the right). It is labelled gyrus frontalis inferior, its Latin name. In the yellow area, its superior border is the inferior frontal sulcus (which divides it from the gyrus frontalis medius in the yellow area), its inferior border the lateral fissure (which divides it from the gyrus temporalis superior in the green area), and its posterior border is the inferior precentral sulcus (in the yellow area). Above it is the middle frontal gyrus (the gyrus frontalis medius), behind it the precentral gyrus (the gyrus praecentralis), both gyri in the yellow area of the image.

The inferior frontal gyrus, like the middle frontal gyrus and the superior frontal gyrus, is more of a region than a true gyrus.

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... of Broca's area, particularly of the pars opercularis of the left inferior frontal gyrus, during the processing of complex sentences ... (fMRI) experiments involving highly ambiguous sentences result in a more activated inferior frontal gyrus ... Therefore, the activity level in the inferior frontal gyrus and the level of lexical ambiguity are directly proportional to each other, because of the increased retrieval demands ...
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