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32 Battalion (South Africa) - History
... Initially, Bravo Group consisted of two infantry companies, a mortar platoon, an anti-tank section and a machine gun platoon, but 32 Battalion was expanded to 6 infantry companies, a recce ... Apart from the infantry companies and the recce company, the battalion was strengthened by a battery of 120 mm mortars, a squadron of Ratel ZT-3 and 90 mm tank destroyers ...
Moscow Victory Parade Of 1945 - Stalin's Order For The Observance of The Parade
... regiment for the parade will have the following companies 6 infantry companies 1 artillery company 1 tank company 1 air company and 1 combined company (composed of ... The companies in attendance will be manned so as to have the middle-ranked officers commanding the squads, which are then composed of privates and sergeants ... regiment will be armed in the following pattern on the parade 3 infantry companies with rifles, 3 infantry companies with sub-machine guns, the artillery company with slung carbines, the ...
Battle Of Triangle Hill - Battle - Taking The Surface
... Chung Il-kwon, commanders of the US 7th Infantry Division and the ROK 2nd Infantry Division respectively, relieved exhausted battalions daily to maintain troops' morale ... On October 15, Smith ordered the 1st Battalion of the US 32nd Infantry Regiment and the 2nd Battalion of the US 31st Infantry Regiment to be placed under the command of ... Russ of the US 32nd Infantry Regiment took over the operational command from Moses ...

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