Induced Dipole Forces

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Molecular Attraction - Ion-dipole and Ion-induced Dipole Forces
... Ion-dipole and ion-induced-dipole forces operate more like dipole-dipole and induced-dipole interactions, but involve ions instead of only polar and non-polar molecules being involved ... Ion-dipole and ion-induced dipole forces are stronger than dipole interactions because the charge of any ion is much greater than the charge of a dipole ... Ion-dipole bonding is stronger than hydrogen bonding ...
Dipole Radiation
... See also Dipole antenna In addition to dipoles in electrostatics, it is also common to consider an electric or magnetic dipole that is oscillating in time ... In particular, a harmonically oscillating electric dipole is described by a dipole moment of the form where ω is the angular frequency ... but is rather concentrated around the directions lying perpendicular to the dipole moment ...
Axilrod–Teller Potential
... London dispersion interactions (instantaneous induced dipole-induced dipole) where is the distance between atoms and, and is the angle between the vectors and ... polarizability the exact value of depends on the magnitudes of the dipole matrix elements and on the energies of the orbitals ...
Spin Model - Introduction
... In ordinary materials, the magnetic dipole moments of individual atoms produce magnetic fields that cancel one another, because each dipole points in a random direction ... however, exhibit magnetic domains in which the atomic dipole moments are locally aligned, producing a macroscopic, non-zero magnetic field from the domain ... For instance, the Ising model describes spins (dipoles) that have only two possible states, up and down, whereas in the Heisenberg model the spin vector is allowed to point in any direction ...
Stereo Dipole
... A Stereo dipole is a sound source in an Ambiophonic system, made by two closely spaced loudspeakers that ideally span 10-30 degrees ... Thanks to the cross-talk cancellation method, a stereo dipole can render an acoustic stereo image nearly 180° wide (single stereo dipole) or 360° (dual or double stereo dipole) ...

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