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Celebes Sea

There is no agreement over the maritime boundary in this segment. The 1979 continental shelf and territorial sea map by Malaysia depicts Malaysia's territorial sea and continental shelf border running southeast from the easternmost point of the land boundary between the two countries at 4° 10' North. Indonesia does not recognise the borders of the map and claims part of the continental shelf, calling it Ambalat (see below).

The map also puts the islands of Sipadan and Ligitan within Malaysian territorial waters. Indonesia initially rejected the assertion that the islands belonged to Malaysia and both countries brought the dispute to the International Court of Justice. In 2002, the court decided that the sovereignty of the two islands belonged to Malaysia. The court however did not determine the maritime boundary in the surrounding waters and specifically decided that the 4° 10' North parallel which marked the easternmost portion of the Indonesia-Malaysia land border in Sebatik island did not extend to sea to form either the territorial sea or continental shelf border.

Point Longtitude (E) Latitude (N) Remarks
Malaysia's continental shelf claim according to the 1979 map
76 120° 00' 4° 23' This point is deemed to be the tri-point of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines
77 120° 15'.75 3° 02'.75
78 119° 53' 3° 01'.5
79 118° 57'.5 3° 06'
80 118° 46'.17 3° 08'.67
81 118° 22' 3° 39'
82 118° 01'.1 4° 03'.65
83 117° 56'.95 4° 08'
84 117° 53'.97 4° 10' This point is on the eastern terminus of the land boundary

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