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Fire-control System - Naval Fire Control
... of the need to control the firing of several guns at once ... In naval engagements both the firing guns and target are moving, and the variables are compounded by the greater distances and times involved ... Naval gun fire control potentially involves three levels of complexity ...
Stalingrad Class Battlecruiser - Design - Armament
... Rather than use the Tsarist-era 305-millimeter (12.0 in) MK-3-12 gun as originally planned, or use the 305-mm/54 guns ordered for the Kronstadt, it was decided in 1947 to ... Each individual gun weighed 101.58 t (99.98 long tons 111.97 short tons) and the complete turret weighed 1,370 t (1,350 long tons 1,510 short tons) ... The guns could be depressed to −4° and elevated to 50° at a rate of 10° per second ...

Famous quotes containing the words gun and/or individual:

    Though I had not come a-hunting, and felt some compunctions about accompanying the hunters, I wished to see a moose near at hand, and was not sorry to learn how the Indian managed to kill one. I went as reporter or chaplain to the hunters,—and the chaplain has been known to carry a gun himself.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The conflict between the need to belong to a group and the need to be seen as unique and individual is the dominant struggle of adolescence.
    Jeanne Elium (20th century)