Individual Consciousness

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Sociology Of Human Consciousness - Theory - Individual Consciousness
... Individual consciousness is the normal outcome of processes of collective naming, classifying, monitoring, judging, and reflecting on the individual members of the group or ... And an individual in a collective context learns to participate in discussions and discourses about "themself", that is, group reflections on themself ... Thus, an individual learns (in line with George Herbert Mead's earlier formulations) a naming and classification of themself (self-description and identity) and a characterization of ...

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    Is it not possible that an individual may be right and a government wrong? Are laws to be enforced simply because they were made? or declared by any number of men to be good, if they are not good? Is there any necessity for a man’s being a tool to perform a deed of which his better nature disapproves?
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)