Indiana Colony - Reason For Moving

Reason For Moving

The midwest of 1873 had been hit by the hardest winter in up-to-date history which had many of those in Indianapolis longing for warmer climate and an environment where they could live among citrus groves and perennial flowers. With the laying of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869, the idea of moving west became more possible and affordable. It was at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Elliott that a group of neighbors including Mrs. Elliot's brother, Daniel M. Berry, that the idea of going west was first discussed...adamantly.

Berry was a former teacher become journalist who also had a great interest in his brother-in-law's granary. He was also an asthmatic and the midwest weather went hard on him. He contacted Harris Newmark who had recently purchased Rancho Santa Anita and was able to get pertinent information on the southland. Newmark even stopped by Indianapolis and gave a first-hand account of California to the Elliotts et al. From that meeting the Hoosiers formed "The California Colony of Indiana". It took little time to fill the limited roll of the organizations membership.

Next was the task of investigating the California properties.

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