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State Historical Society Of North Dakota - List of North Dakota State Historic Sites
... Claude State Historic Site Nash Rolette Standing Rock State Historic Site Ransom Steamboat Warehouse Historic Marker Bismarck Burleigh Stutsman County Courthouse State Historic Site Jamestown Stutsman ...
Lewis And Clark Expedition - Overview
... They were accompanied by a sixteen-year-old Shoshone Indian woman, Sacagawea, the wife of a French-Canadian fur trader ... about geography, plant and animal life, and Indian cultures filled their daily journals ... journey helped to strengthen the idea that United States territory was destined to reach all the way to the Pacific ...

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    I also believe that few people remain completely untouched by the thought that instead of the life they lead there might also be another, where all actions proceed from a very personal state of excitement. Where actions have meanings, not just causes. And where a person, to use a trivial word, is happy, and not just nervously tormenting himself.
    Robert Musil (1880–1942)

    The Jew is neither a newcomer nor an alien in this country or on this continent; his Americanism is as original and ancient as that of any race or people with the exception of the American Indian and other aborigines. He came in the caravels of Columbus, and he knocked at the gates of New Amsterdam only thirty-five years after the Pilgrim Fathers stepped ashore on Plymouth Rock.
    Oscar Solomon Straus (1850–1926)

    Tom was a glittering hero once more—the pet of the old, the envy of the young. His name even went into immortal print, for the village paper magnified him. There were some that believed he would be President, yet, if he escaped hanging.
    Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835–1910)