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Phasmatodea - Stick Insects As Pets
... Many stick insects are easy to care for in captivity ... The most commonly kept, the Indian (or laboratory) stick insect, Carausius morosus, requires a tall (25 cm or more) vivarium (even a jar with a few holes punched in the top), some bramble, ivy, or privet, and an ... Indian stick insects are almost all female, with only a few half-males (gynandromorphs), and these are not needed for reproduction ...

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    Together, hand in hand, with that stick of matches, with our necklace, we shall liberate this country.
    Winnie Mandela (b. 1934)

    The Indian attitude toward the land was expressed by a Crow named Curly: “The soil you see is not ordinary soil—it is the dust of the blood, the flesh, and the bones of our ancestors. You will have to dig down to find Nature’s earth, for the upper portion is Crow, my blood and my dead. I do not want to give it up.”
    —For the State of Montana, U.S. public relief program. Montana: A State Guide Book (The WPA Guide to Montana)