Indian Famine of 1896–1897 - Famine Relief

Famine Relief

A decade earlier, in 1883, the Provisional Famine Code had been promulgated soon after the report of the first Indian Famine Commission was submitted in 1880. Now, guided by the Code, relief was organized for 821 million units at a cost of Rs. 7.25 crores (then approx. £4,833,500). Revenue (tax) was remitted to the tune of Rs. 1.25 crores (£ 833,350) and credit totaling Rs. 1.75 crores (£1,166,500) was given. A charitable relief fund collected a total of Rs. 1.75 crores (£1,166,500) of which Rs. 1.25 were collected in Great Britain.

Even so, the mortality resulting from the famine was great; it is thought that in the British territory alone, between 750,000 and 1 million people died of starvation. Although the famine relief was reasonably effective in the United Provinces, it failed in the Central Provinces, especially among tribal groups, who were reluctant to perform labor in public works in order to earn food rations, and who, according to Famine Code guidelines, did not qualify for "charitable relief."

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