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Ian Goldberg • IBM 4758 • ICE (cipher) • ID-based cryptography • IDEA NXT • Identification friend or foe • IEEE 802.11i • IEEE P1363 • I. J. Good • ID-based cryptography • Illegal prime • Impossible differential cryptanalysis • Index of coincidence • Indifferent chosen-ciphertext attack • Indocrypt • Information leakage • Information Security Group • Information theoretic security • Initialization vector • Integer factorization • Integral cryptanalysis • Integrated Encryption Scheme • Integrated Windows Authentication • Interlock Protocol • International Association for Cryptologic Research • International Data Encryption Algorithm • Internet key exchange • Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol • Interpolation attack • Invisible ink • IPsec • Iraqi block cipher • ISAAC (cipher) • ISO 19092-2 • Ivan Damgård •

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