Independent Social Democrats

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Alliance Of Independent Social Democrats - History
... The party grew out of the Independent Members of Parliament Caucus of the National Assembly of the Republika Srpska to become the Party of Independent Social Democrats ... In December 1999 Social Liberal Party of Republic of Srpska merged into the Party of Independent Social Democrats ... After the unification, the party changed its name to Alliance of Independent Social Democrats ...
Bosnia And Herzegovina Municipal Elections, 2008 - Republika Srpska
... Serbian Democratic Party Bileća Alliance of Independent Social Democrats Bosanska Kostajnica Alliance of Independent Social Democrats Bosanski Brod Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, Socialist ...
Social Epistemology
... Social epistemology is a broad set of approaches to the study of knowledge, all of which construe human knowledge as a collective achievement ... Another way of positioning social epistemology is as the study of the social dimensions of knowledge ... One of the enduring difficulties with defining social epistemology is defining what knowledge means in this context ...
Ideology and Semiotic Theory
... that incorporates complex sets of meanings with the social agents and processes that produced them ... 'episteme' is too narrow and abstract, not social enough ... because of its contradictions, 'ideology' still plays a key role in semiotics oriented to social, political life" ...
Bosnia And Herzegovina Municipal Elections, 2004 - Republika Srpska
... Party Čelinac Serbian Democratic Party Derventa Alliance of Independent Social Democrats Doboj Serbian Democratic Party Donji Žabar Serbian Democratic Party Foča Socialist Party of Republika Srpska Gacko ...

Famous quotes containing the words democrats, independent and/or social:

    Do you know I believe that [William Jennings] Bryan will force his nomination on the Democrats again. I believe he will either do this by advocating Prohibition, or else he will run on a Prohibition platform independent of the Democrats. But you will see that the year before the election he will organize a mammoth lecture tour and will make Prohibition the leading note of every address.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    ‘Ouch’ is not independent of social training. One has only to prick a foreigner to appreciate that it is an English word.
    Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)

    The earth is ready, the time is ripe, for the authoritative expression of the feminine as well as the masculine interpretation of that common social consensus which is slowly writing justice in the State and fraternity in the social order.
    Anna Garlin Spencer (1851–1931)