Independent Fabrication

Independent Fabrication (IF) is a bicycle company located in Newmarket, New Hampshire, USA. It is often mistakenly referred to as Independent Fabrications. IF fabricates bicycle frames from steel, titanium and carbon fiber. Independent Fabrication has twice won the Bicycling Magazine "Dream Bike of the Year" with its carbon-tubed, titanium-lugged XS road frame. Independent Fabrication was founded by and is owned by its employees. In 2005, the company took part in a CNN television program called The TurnAround. The show paired a growing business with a mentor from a more successful company. Independent Fabrication was paired with Jeff Swartz, chief executive of Timberland.

In 2011 the company announced its factory would move from Somerville, MA to Newmarket, NH within the year. A handful of IF's employees made the move with the company, and several former employees returned.

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