Improper Batter

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Batting Out Of Turn - Determining The Proper Batter
... At any time, the proper batter is simply the player whose name follows the previous actual batter in the written batting order (at the start of the game, the #1 hitter is the ... Any batter's out-of-turn but completed plate appearance is legalized when a pitch is thrown to any subsequent batter on either team ... Thus, in order to determine who is the proper batter at any given time, it is necessary only to consider the last two batters who have received a pitch--the last proper or legalized batter and ...
Batting Out Of Turn - Penalty
... If an infraction is discovered immediately after a batter completes his appearance, then the umpire considers that batter and the previous one ... If the batter who just finished batting does not follow the previous batter in the written order, his plate appearance was improper, any advances or scores due to his action are nullified, he is removed from ... Outs made against runners other than the improper batter stand ...

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