Import Competition

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Trade Adjustment Assistance - Justification - TAA For Workers
... Thus, free trade also leads to costs associated with workers displaced by import competition and offshore outsourcing ... some occupations, like teacher, have not experienced import competition while for shoe manufacturing occupations import competition has increased by 40 percentage points ... In general, manufacturing workers are most affected by import competition compare to workers in other sectors ...

Famous quotes containing the words competition and/or import:

    Wearing overalls on weekdays, painting somebody else’s house to earn money? You’re working class. Wearing overalls at weekends, painting your own house to save money? You’re middle class.
    Lawrence Sutton, British prizewinner in competition in Sunday Correspondent (London)

    Every tree sends its fibres forth in search of the Wild. The cities import it at any price. Men plow and sail for it. From the forest and wilderness come the tonics and barks which brace mankind.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)