Image Registration

Image registration is the process of transforming different sets of data into one coordinate system. Data may be multiple photographs, data from different sensors, from different times, or from different viewpoints. It is used in computer vision, medical imaging, military automatic target recognition, and compiling and analyzing images and data from satellites. Registration is necessary in order to be able to compare or integrate the data obtained from these different measurements.

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AIR (program)
... AIR (Automated Image Registration) is a program suite for volume-based image registration constructed by Roger P ... The suite provides a number of programs for image registration with different transformation models, such as rigid-body, affine and nonlinear warping ... For example, for affine transformation the registration from one brain scan to another may be found with the alignlinear program and written to the ...
Image Registration - Applications
... Image registration has applications in remote sensing (cartography updating), and computer vision ... Due to the vast applications to which image registration can be applied, it is impossible to develop a general method that is optimized for all uses ... Medical image registration (for data of the same patient taken at different points in time such as change detection or tumor monitoring) often additionally involves elastic ...

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