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Illegal Taxicab Operation - Terminology
... A variety of terms are used in the industry to describe legal and illegal transportation providers ... Other terms used are gypsy cab, livery cab, car service, or jitney cab ... For example, in Philadelphia a cab driver's license is called a hacker's license, while in New York City livery cabs are licensed for telephone dispatch only ...
Illegal Taxicab Operation
... require taxicab operators to be licensed, many unlicensed cabs are in operation ... Some of these are marked taxi vehicles (sometimes referred to as "gypsy cabs" or "speedy cabs"), and others are personal vehicles used by an individual to offer unauthorized taxi-like ... Illegal cabs tend to be more prevalent in cities with medallion systems, which restrict the number of legal cabs in operation ...

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    We call ourselves a free nation, and yet we let ourselves be told what cabs we can and can’t take by a man at a hotel door, simply because he has a drum major’s uniform on.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    It ought to be illegal for an artist to marry.... If the artist must marry let him find someone more interested in art, or his art, or the artist part of him, than in him. After which let them take tea together three times a week.
    Ezra Pound (1885–1972)