Igneous Province

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Correlations With LIP Formation - Correlation of Hot-spots With Large Igneous Provinces
... Flood basalt provinces may also occur as a consequence of the initial hot-spot activity in ocean basins as well as on continents ... track the hot spot back to the flood basalts of a large igneous province the table below correlates large igneous provinces with the track of a specific hot spot ... Province Region Hotspot Reference Columbia River Basalt Northwestern USA Yellowstone hotspot Afro-Arabia Yemen-Ethiopia North Atlantic Igneous Province Northern ...
High Arctic Large Igneous Province
... The High Arctic Large Igneous Province (HALIP) is a major Late Cretaceous large igneous province located in the Arctic ...
North Atlantic Igneous Province
... The North Atlantic Igneous Province (NAIP) is a large igneous province estimated to be at least 1.3×106 km2 in area and 6.6×106 km3 in volume ... Synonymous or related names Brito-Arctic province (BAP) North Atlantic Tertiary Province (NATP) North Atlantic Volcanic Province (NAVP) North Atlantic ...

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