IEEE Transactions On Information Theory

The IEEE Transactions on Information Theory is a scientific journal published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). It is dedicated to the study of information theory, the mathematics of communications. The early name of the journal was IRE Transactions on Information Theory.

This journal contains original published research in the areas of Shannon theory, error control coding, communications theory, estimation theory, quantum communications and quantum information, communication networks, statistical inference, cryptography and other related topics.

According to van Lint, it is the leading research journal in the whole field of coding theory. A 2006 study using the PageRank network analysis algorithm found that, among hundreds of computer science-related journals, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory had the highest ranking and was thus deemed the most prestigious. ACM Computing Surveys, with the highest impact factor, was deemed the most popular.

As of 2007, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory supports posting preprints on arXiv for faster dissemination.

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