Ideal Chain

An ideal chain (or freely-jointed chain) is the simplest model to describe a polymer. It only assumes a polymer as a random walk and neglects any kind of interactions among monomers. Although it is simple, its generality gives us some insights about the physics of polymers.

In this model, monomers are rigid rods of a fixed length l, and their orientation is completely independent of the orientations and positions of neighbouring monomers, to the extent that two monomers can co-exist at the same place.

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... This time, however, the device does not maintain the two ends of the ideal chain in a fixed position, but rather it maintains a constant pulling force on the ideal chain ... The ideal chain reacts with a constant opposite force For an ideal chain exchanging length with a reservoir, a macro-state of the system is characterized by the vector ... The change between an ideal chain of fixed length and an ideal chain in contact with a length reservoir is very much akin to the change between the micro-canonical ...

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